Quinoa Seed


Quinoa has a high protein content, sweet and nutty flavor, and distinct texture. It is also a healthful substitute for starchier pasta and rice in many dishes From salads to burgers patties, Tawa pulao and even the everyday khichdi, this high protein super food is fast becoming a regular feature in vegetarian gluten free diets. Rich in a variety of nutrients, our Quinoa is sure to leave you feeling healthy and light with every bite.


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* Quinoa seeds supports as gluten-free, high Fiber dietary supplement
* Quinoa supports daily requirement of Proteins, nutrients & essential amino-acids, for this its also known as herbal super seed supplement
* Anti-oxidants in Quinoa may slow down the process of ageing and help in making you feel young
It supports as low glycemic index food to helps to control sugar levels
* Quinoa Super-Seed is 100% natural & organically grown & processed in internationally certified processing unit.


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